Why You Should Own a WordPress site for Your Business?

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Morgan Overholt is one of the most inspiring online personalities in the world. She created her own freelancing empire after leaving her corporate 9 to 5 setting in 2017. Now she is a proud owner of Morgan Media LLC, a small design agency for graphic design needs.

What inspires me most is that she proudly promotes her success on different online platforms using both written and video content. A few days back, I started to follow her on Instagram where she regularly posts content about freelancing and agency life.

But do you have any idea how I heard about Morgan and her digital agency?

I was researching how to pitch clients in Upwork and found this post - How I got my first job on Upwork: Advice from a $500k freelancer.

This is where I learned about Morgan’s success as a freelancer at Upwork and her digital agency. Although, it won’t be a wise decision for me to hire her services using the website there are many clients around the world who can find about Morgan’s business by simply searching the web.

Don’t you think a Website can lead potential clients to your business?

Imagine how your business will start getting inbound leads with just one website. According to the Search Engine Journal, Google holds a 92% market share in the search industry.

So if you don’t own a website and rank your business in front of this big market you are missing out on a large possibility. But if you start blogging about your business or sharing information about your industry the chance of getting seen improves.

For many busy business owners, designing a website and creating blogs on their industry feels like a tedious job. To save your precious time, energy, and money you should start your journey with a simple WordPress website.

Starting your own WordPress business website is easier than you think and requires only a few bucks.

How Morgan created a WordPress site to Reach her customers while Blogging

In a blogpost, Morgan shared her success stories from blogging on her website. While her personal blog earned her $100k in just two years you have to agree with me that it boosted her agency's presence much faster than she can expect.

So I created a simple step here that will help you to start a business WordPress site right now:

Step 1: Find a great domain name and make sure that the domain is available.

Step 2: Purchase the domain and secure fast hosting.

Step 3: Install WordPress on your site.

Step 4: Use the above video to install free themes and plugins on your business site.

Step 5: Hire a copywriter to write eye-catching page content.

Step 6: Hire a copywriter to write eye-catching page content.

Step 7: Hire a content writer to write well-researched blogs related to your business or industry.

Step 8: Hire a writer to write well-researched blogs related to your business or industry.

WALLA! You are now a proud owner of a WordPress site that will rank in Google and start generating inbound leads to your business.

Do you need a content writer to market your business to your target customer? You can use my expertise and get the results quickly. Click here to visit my writing portfolio :)

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