10 YouTube Channels That I Follow and can ALSO UPLIFT Your Life in 2022

Oftentimes, people ask me to suggest a few paid courses to upgrade their earning levels. But trust me! YouTube is one of the most powerful ways to learn something without even paying a dime to the creators.

Why do creators put so much effort into YouTube Channels despite not taking direct charges for sharing their skills? The reasons are:

  • Creators earn Ads money when more and more people get hooked on their free course videos.
  • Creators earn affiliate money for suggesting different products and services to their students.
  • Creators provide the 60%–80% value to their YouTube videos and keep the rest for a paid course.

Whatever the intention is, having quality learning materials on YouTube ensures better learning and earning experience much faster than your previous generations did before in their generation.

How I Organized My YouTube Watch System?

Before the pandemic, I used to have an organized music listening system. For instance, I love melodic death metal🎵so I had a regular playlist to listen to different metal bands during an evening walk. Or listening to an entire album while traveling.

But my YouTube watching process was quite random. I never bookmarked or subscribed to different channels as I did for music listening. Then comes the pandemic and lockdowns. Suddenly, I realized that I am getting more time than I used to have.

This realization helped me to create a YouTube watching habit that is more powerful than ever and targets better learning. What are the habits?

  • I started subscribing to famous YouTube channels and started finding recommendations for famous YouTubers in different niches.
  • Whenever there’s a video that I can ‘watch later’, I bookmarked them. Then I watched those videos during a morning or evening walk and if I found any content that can be studied further or I need to watch it again, I immediately transferred it to designated folders like Side Hustles, Long Courses, Content Creation, etc.
  • If a video has the potential to make an impact in the long term I moved them into a “Change a Lifestyle” folder.

Results of My New YouTube Watch System

Rather than watching random and unnecessary entertainment videos, my new system allowed me to watch the videos that helps me to improve my knowledge on different topics. Furthermore, the new system also allowed me to organize videos for my study and research activities.

For instance, now I can keep the videos that are highly valuable for my life and delete the rest. If I feel that certain videos like “9 mini-tasks that can actually change your life” are extremely important for me, I would watch them at least a few times in a year then I put them into my “Change a Lifestyle” folder.

Also, the system allows me to stop watching videos that had a catchy title with no real content. I can easily delete these videos from my “Watch Later” folder after watching them for a few seconds or minutes. So the YouTube watching and learning experience feel more clean and doable.

My Favorite 10 YouTube Channels

There are hundreds even thousands of channels out there on YouTube that can change your life significantly. But I am choosing only 10 for now. These are the channels that had a greater impact on my life:

1. Matt D’Avella

Matt is one of the top names in the business, productivity, and life lessons space. Matt’s “A Day in the Life of a Minimalist” video already achieved 17 million views. I love to watch some of the videos a few times a year.

You will find Matt’s videos full of tips and inspirations. He is a strong supporter of minimalistic life. And the most fascinating fact is that Matt does a few experiences in his own life before suggesting something to his viewers. So if you follow his tips and minimalistic approaches in your business and life you won’t regret it.

2. GaryVee

Gary Vaynerchuk is considered one of the most powerful marketing people in the world. His idea “Document, Don’t Create” has been followed by many successful business people today. Most of the YouTubers I am talking about here are directly or indirectly influenced by Gary.

Gary came from the Soviet Union as an immigrant in the U.S. Currently, he owns multi-million-dollar marketing companies and creates content to teach people how to create content.

3. Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal is a Cambridge University medicine graduate, doctor, and YouTuber with a multi-million dollar thriving business built using the power of content creation. I first notice his channel on YouTube when he published a video on note-taking and study efficiency.

Ali migrated from Pakistan to the UK in 2003. He currently has over 170 million views on his YouTube channel. He regularly talks about different topics like Side Hustle, Productivity, Study Hacks,

In a recent video, Ali claimed that his business earned multi-million revenues in 2021. His 9 Passive income ideas video got 8.1 million views so far.

4. Johnny Harris

There is something different about Johnny Harris. Sometimes you might feel that he is just an emotionless person. But behind Johnny’s calm personality you will find an exciting number of studies on geopolitics, history, and modern world order.

Johnny became popular thanks to his videos with Vox. His explainer videos or political videos are something you should watch if you want to get perfect details on a certain political situation.

5. Brian Dean

Brain Dean has a successful blog called Backlinko where he teaches people SEO, Blogging, Guest Posts, and other digital marketing topics. But there is more you can learn from his YouTube Channel if you are thinking about creating your own YouTube channel, blog, or content marketing career.

Since his content is more in the educational spaces so there are fewer views compared to Gary Vee or Ali Abdaal. But you should check out his videos to learn step-by-step processes for SEO, Blogging, and YouTube content creation.

6. Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is known for his blog called the Smart Passive Income Blog. I learned about Pat from one of my friends back in 2020. Then, I subscribed to his SPI podcast to learn more about his business and business hacks.

In his YouTube Channel, Pat talks about making money, saving time, and other life hack lessons. You will find him teaching how to create podcasts or write eBooks, and many more.

Pat is a great advocate of passive income businesses like blogging, affiliate marketing, book sales, etc.

7. Niklas Christl

Niklas is an upcoming videographer and became a part of my list last year. I came across his channel after his video “How To Build Self-Discipline & Stop Procrastinating.”

Although Niklas got popular very recently, his Dopamin Detox video made him viral with 5+ million views. Most of his videos are well scripted and the video making is next level.

Niklas will not only teach you how to be a productive business person but also a great content creator.

8. Kings and Generals

I am a huge fan of history. During my free time, I used to study how the world civilizations shaped themselves using technology and warfare. However, there are very few YouTube channels providing powerful content on history.

Thanks to Kings and Generals, I completed my quest of historical events related to the rise of Islam. The detailed studies on the Roman, Greek, and other ancient empires will be worth your time.

9. Drew Binsky

I know many of the readers here already follow Drew Binsky for his short travel videos. Drew already traveled the world at a very young age and shared his experience on YouTube.

Drew’s videos are entertaining to watch and some of his experiences make me feel like to start traveling with just a camera.

10. Khalid Farhan

Khalid has a growing Business YouTube channel with 15 million views. Khalid is a Bangladeshi Digital Marketer living in Ireland. He started his channel with the goal to teach people how to make money in the digital world.

But recently Khalid turned his focus to multiple topics like Business Networking, Life Hacks, and some trending topics. In his channel, you will find some mini-courses on Freelancing, digital marketing, and Passive Income.

Khalid also offers multiple paid courses, academy support for upcoming business professionals, Bootcamp, and other services. He already shared a goal of creating a university-equivalent course for professionals seeking skill learning in the modern world.

Bottom Line

Whether business or history, following a good YouTube channel means that you are uplifting your life fast. You can start your own company or cooking business by following some of the effective channels on YouTube.

But without a proper system, you won’t see results. Fortunately, I used some of the above YouTube channels to start my Content Agency and Book Writing Agency.

Currently, my agencies get 20 orders per week. I’ve already designed an optimized system to manage the agency workflow with a small team. If you want to change your life in 2022 I urge you to follow my above system and bring the change you want to the world.

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